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I would recommend Trapper's Post to all trappers.  It's a lot of info for the money . . .

~ Scalloper

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May/June 2024

The Pulse of North America's Trapping Industry

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Trapper's Post is published and edited by outdoor writer and trapper Mike Wilhite. Each of our six yearly issues is tabloid sized (10½ x12½ inches), and packed from cover to cover exclusively with trapping information. We print 15-plus full length feature articles per issue – along with other information!
Trapper's Post provides in-depth articles with detailed information and clear photos and illustrations, to help readers become more effective trappers. Some articles are by recognized experts, others are by excellent trappers known only to a handful of people. As Bill Nelson said, "Some of the best trappers in the country never saw their names in print." They are now, in our pages. So are regular trappers, who have valuable observations and stories to share.
Trapper's Post offers much more than how-to trapping methods. We have articles on lure and bait making, fur handling, equipment, trapline experiences, interviews, humor, atmosphere, history and heritage, news, and more.
Although rooted in North America's history, trapping is a vital, modern, changing profession. Trapper's Post keeps you current with changes in equipment, methods, the fur market, legislation, and more.

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Fur Market Report with Mike Wilhite - A current, in-depth analysis of the international fur trade that is the universally acknowledged best fur market report in the industry, by North America’s acknowledged best market analyst.

• Trapper's Post Interview - A different fur industry personality each issue.

• Western Trapline with John Graham - A professional predator control agent, fur trapper, and lure maker shares experiences, methods, and perspectives.
Canadian Trapline With Jim Gibb and David O'Farrell
Jim Gibb describes life on a registered Ontario trapline and David O'Farrell gives detailed information from his trapline deep in the Yukon bush. Both of these guys are seasoned veterans in the Canadian Wilderness. 
Women's Perspective with Megan Plete Postol
Megan, an experienced outdoor writer, gives us a detailed approach to trapping and the outdoors from a woman's point of view.

• ADC - Animal Damage Control experts share professional knowledge to help you make more money in this growing industry.

• Beginner’s Basics – Detailed and specific, but clear and easy to understand how-to trapping information, for new trappers.

On the Line with Charles Dobbins
Each issue features excerpts and short stories that chronicle the trapline
adventures of Charles Dobbins.

• Young Trapper - Trappers 16 and under describe their adventures.

• ALSO - Reader’s Trapline Photos; News Report; Calendar of Events; Association News; More.
Trappers Post May 2024 Edition